It’s important to prep your HVAC system before the start of the cold season to make sure you have reliable heating when you need it. You never want to risk trying to turn your system on one chilly day to find it’s unresponsive. These are a few of the most helpful ways to get your furnace ready for the coming winter.

1. Schedule Maintenance Appointment

You should call in an expert at least once a year to check your furnace. When you schedule a tune-up in the fall, it helps to clear away any dust accumulated over the long summer. Regular tune-ups keep your furnace energy efficient, safe, and consistent. This service can also extend your system’s lifespan and keep your warranty valid.

2. Complete a Test Run

Before you actually need heating, consider doing a quick test run to make sure your furnace is still working. You’ll only need to kick it on for about 30 minutes or just long enough to notice any strange smells or noises. Make sure enough heat is coming out of your vents and that your furnace can reach your designated temperature.

3. Replace Air Filter

The fall is also a good time to remember to switch out your air filters. Most residential filter options should be replaced every one to three months. Changing your filter out at the start of the season will remove all the dust, hair, pollen, and debris from the summer. You’ll be able to take advantage of improved air quality as well as less strain on your HVAC system.

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