From uncomplicated issues like an inaccurately set thermostat or a dirty filter to more complex problems requiring component replacement, there are several reasons why your air conditioning system may be running but not decreasing the temperature at your house.

It is therefore essential to look at some prominent causes of air conditioner not cooling below to understand when to call a professional technician for an AC repair in Pitt Meadows.

Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling After Switching It On

  • Inaccurately Set Thermostat: You must initially check the thermostat settings when you observe your home becoming hotter than average. First, check your thermostat is on and remains set to cool mode. If the thermostat is off, set to heat, or set to continuous fan (sometimes labeled on), switch it on. Wait a bit after the system comes on before checking for cold air blowing from the registers. If not, it is time to inspect the air filters.
  • Dirty Air Conditioner: An air filter in or near the indoor environment handler unit may be part of your air conditioning system. As dirt, dust, and other air pollutants enter the air handler unit, the filter traps them. It keeps the system’s components cleaner and more efficient, and it can help keep the air in your home fresher. Your home’s cooling may suffer from a blocked air filter that restricts airflow. More serious instances can result in the system shutting down. If your thermostat is functioning accurately, but you still don’t have any signs of cool air, look for your system’s air filter, turn it off, remove the air filters, inspect the device, and clean or replace these air filters.
  • Condenser Unit Blocked: Your air conditioning system, as previously stated, most probably includes an outdoor capacitor unit. The condenser unit’s exterior features a large outdoor coil that wraps most of the way around the device. The condenser coil comprises a series of thin metal fins closely spaced together. If your air conditioning system is running but not lowering indoor temperatures, one possible cause is a clogged or obstructed condenser coil. When working perfectly, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit via the condenser unit to extract heat energy from your home. However, dirt, grass, and other airborne particles can build up between the fins and clog the coil.
  • Broken Heat Pump: Your outdoor unit could be a heat exchanger in some cases. A heat pump resembles an air conditioner and contains additional components that allow it to cool and heat your home.
    It works similarly to an air conditioning unit system’s condenser unit in cooling mode and is subject to the same issues — dirty, clogged coil, iced coil, coolant leaks, compressor misfires, and so on.


Check the thermostat settings, the air filter, and the condenser unit for the described issues if your heat pump system isn’t cooling.

If everything appears in order, but you’re still sweating inside, it is time to call experts for repairs or new AC installation in Pitt meadows. At Hammer’s Heating and Cooling Inc., we hold immense expertise in offering the best HVAC assistance at affordable rates.

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