A furnace is the best appliance during the winter season to warm your home. Heaters are not as energy efficient as furnaces, so most homeowners prefer furnaces to heaters. However, even if you possess an efficient furnace, you should avoid overusing it to prevent overheating.

Some Common Reasons

Using a furnace for hours can lead to overheating, and you may need to contact a technician for furnace repair in Maple Ridge, BC, to fix it. If you want to understand why your furnace overheats to avoid this issue, here are some common reasons you should know:


Age plays an important role in deciding the efficiency of your furnace. As you know, a new furnace works efficiently and warms your place quicker than usual. However, an old furnace is inefficient, as it consumes more energy. The extra energy consumption and working lead to overheating. If your furnace has crossed fifteen years and frequently overheats, it may be its old age.


Several furnace owners close the vents of the rooms that they use less. They think that closing unnecessary vents may increase the efficiency of their furnaces, but the opposite happens.

When you close too many vents, the hot air stays trapped inside the ducts, increasing the temperature and overheating. You can contact a technician for furnace replacement in Pitt Meadows to fix the overheating and to understand which vents you should close.


A furnace is an HVAC appliance with numerous wires, boards, parts, and components. They all work together for a comfortable indoor temperature. Due to excessive working or external damage, your furnace may experience glitches. If this is the reason for overheating, you should contact a professional technician to fix those wires. You may damage the system more if you try to fix wiring problems yourself.

Lack of Maintenance

Many furnace owners contact their technicians for HVAC contractor in Langley during the middle of the winter season due to overheating issues. To avoid overheating issues, schedule timely maintenance jobs for your furnace at least once a year.

Airflow Issues

When a furnace forces warm air into the rooms, energy is used. The airflow will be limited if the air filters or vents are clogged. These restrictions will force the furnace to work harder to push the air out, leading to overheating.

Clean or replace your air filters and inspect your vents for cloggings frequently. It will help to make your house’s air quality better.

Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when the furnace does not reach the required temperature and restarts its cycle. This serious issue is one of the primary causes of overheating and can require a technician for furnace maintenance in Langley. If your short furnace cycles continuously for a few days, contact a technician for help.


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