Through increased wear and tear, HVAC appliances, like air conditioners, give off certain signs that indicate something is wrong with them.

Through some basic knowledge, owners can identify those signs and timely contact a technician for AC repair in Pitt Meadows before their air conditioners break down at odd hours.

Signs You Need AC Repair

  • Unwanted Noises: Imagine waking up at odd hours to a loud bang or an unwanted noise. It may scare you, but when you know the noise source is your air conditioner, it will make you angry. You should contact a technician, as those sounds may indicate underlying issues with the system.
  • Leakages: Water and carbon monoxide are two by-products your air conditioner creates when it works. Water goes out through the drain pipes, and carbon monoxide stays sealed in a separate compartment. You should contact your technician soon for AC service in Maple Ridge if you detect something off with your unit.
  • Hot Air: The first job of an air conditioner is to cool your home by circulating cool air evenly. If it gives out hot air instead of cool air, it is an obvious sign that your air conditioner needs urgent repair before it breaks down.
  • Poor Airflow: Poor airflow means hot and cold pockets. If you leave one room and enter the other and notice a significant change in the temperature of the two. There may be problems with the ducts or insulation issues in your home.
  • Increasing Energy Bills: Your energy bills may shock you during summer. It is for sure that your energy bills will be high as you use your air conditioner. Still, if they are extremely higher than what you expected, your air conditioner is working inefficiently.
  • Unusual Smells: Just like unwanted noises indicate underlying issues with your home, and unusual smells indicate the same. Only a professional technician can identify what different smells mean and indicate.
  • Unbalanced Humidity and Indoor Air Quality: If your family is facing unusually high allergies this season and you feel high moisture content in your home, your air conditioner may be behind it. An air conditioner is responsible for balancing your home’s humidity and indoor air quality levels; if they are unbalanced, you should contact a technician.


Technicians at Hammer’s Heating and Cooling can help you understand what your air conditioner needs and how you can take its proper care. Our efficient team knows its way with almost all types of HVAC models and knows how to fix them effectively. Contact us to book HVAC services like air conditioner replacement in Pitt Meadows.

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